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Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in the Environment


Veterinary medicinal products are intended for use in treating, mitigating, or preventing illnesses or to influence specific body functions in animals. Considerable amounts of these medicinal products enter the environment via animal excrements, livestock manure, waste water, and other farm waste especially from intensive fattening operations.

People are alarmed by the growing contamination of surface and ground water, soil, and food with pharmaceutical residues. It is apparent that measures are needed to enhance the protection of the environment from the adverse effects of pharmaceutical pollution on various levels – from preventive measures on farm level, to the introduction of binding limits for active pharmaceutical ingredients in groundwater and in surface water, to more environmental protection in pharmaceutical approval and regulations for use.

The European Framework Directive 2001/82/EG regulates the production, placing on the market, labelling, marketing, and use of veterinary pharmaceuticals in the European Union. This Directive is actually being revised. On the backdrop of environmental burdens related to veterinary medicinal products and the increase of antimicrobial resistance and in the interests of preventive environmental protection, PAN Germany’s position is that this revision should enhance the protection of the environment and consumers and animal welfare.

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Antibiotics in Livestock Farming. What can be done to reduce environmental threats and avoid the development of antibiotic resistance?

The use of antibiotics in intensive livestock farming promotes the development of antibiotic resistance and the spread of resistant bacterial strains. The livestock industry has a special responsibility in the fight against antibiotic resistance and against the environmental impacts of veterinary pharmaceuticals. The background paper gives an overview on the issue, shows that pharmaceutical residues have become a global environmental problem and highlights the need for a change in animal production. Deutschlandflagge
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Stop Pharmaceuticals Pollution of the Environment

Titelbild Environmentally Persistent Pharmaceutical Pollutants (EPPP) are an emerging issue

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Ecological Impacts of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals: More Transparency - Better Protection of the Environment

Cover Tierarzneimittel Hintergrundpapier In the context of the revision of veterinary medicinal products legislation that is currently underway, this background paper focuses on three measures that would contribute to making information on the occurrence of veterinary drugs in the environment and their eco-toxicological effects more widely available and enhance protection of the environment from contamination with veterinary pharmaceuticals: Introduction of a monograph system, introduction of a monitoring system for pharmaceuticals in the environment, and the revision of the pharmacovigilance system for reporting negative effects on the environment. englishDownload English
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How to tackle the environmental pollution by Veterinary Pharmaceuticals?

Cover Position Statement Position Statement
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Demands for Improved Protection of the Environment from the Adverse Effects of Veterinary Medical Products

Cover  PAN Germany Forderungen The European Union has committed itself to the protection of its natural resources; environmen-tal protection is anchored in the goals of the European Union Animal Health Strategy . In PAN Germany's opinion, the implementation of the following demands can contribute to reduce the existing deficits and to achieving the umbrella goals of the European Union, such as sustainable use of natural resources, the protection of biodiversity and water, consumer protection, and the protection of human and animal health.

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Pharmaceutical Pollutants in Water and the Revision of the EU Groundwater Directive.
Background Paper

Cover Hintergrundpapier Grundwasser Residues from pharmaceuticals are increasingly found in the environment, including groundwater. On the backdrop of the current state of European waters and in order to enhance protection of water bodies from negative effects due to pharmaceutical pollutants, the Position Paper offers recommendation for a revised version of the Groundwater Directive and for enhanced protection of bodies of water against human and veterinary pharmaceutical pollutants.

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Veterinary medicinal products and protection of the environment

Cover Veterinary medicinal products and protection of the environmentAuthorisation and use of veterinary medicinal products in the EU - Legal framework and demands for enhancing the protection of the environment from the adverse effects of veterinary medicinal products.
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