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No toxic biocides in homes, offices and products

Projektlogo Biozidpolitik EuropaBiocides are produced in order to reter, control or kill harmful and unwanted organisms. They are not used for plant protection. Wood preservatives, baits used against rates in waste pipes or antifouling agents belong to this large group of 23 different product types.

Biocides are widely and sometimes casually applied in everyday life, such as agents for disinfection, the treatment of textiles or the elimination of household-insects. Active substances can have toxic, carcinogenic or endocrine disrupting properties. They do not only adversely affect harmful organisms but also humans and endangered species like red kites. So far, there is a huge gap in the relevant data. Preliminary investigations indicate a large and expanding market for all kinds of biocides, although their necessity is often unproven. Almost 400,000 tons of active substances are estimated to be sold in the EU each year. Serious incidents on health and the environment (e.g. poisoning, water pollution) have also come to light.

The current EU biocide legislation has failed in its purpose of establishing effective risk management also due to shortcomings in the enforcement phase. Highly hazardous substances which are banned for other purposes can still be sold as biocides-for-everyone. There are no harmonised standards for the qualification and certification of salesman or professional users who are responsible for pest management in kindergartens or schools. Several violations against safety provisions have been documented in the context of market controls. The EU biocide policy is under revision. The European Parliament and the Council are considering the Commission's draft biocide regulation, which is intended to replace the current EU Biocidal Products Directive from 1998.

PAN Germany therefore raises awareness within society, economy and policy about existing challenges which are attended by the authorisation and use of biocides in Europe. PAN efforts will contribute to bring forward non-chemical alternatives in pest management and in the framework of the revision of the EU biocide legislation.

PAN Germany coordinates NGO activities. Based on the organisation's operating experiences on biocides it is committed to bring together European environmental, consumer and health NGOs and to share activities in supporting solutions for the better protection of human health and environment from the adverse effects of biocides. The current political considerations concerning the EU biocide regulation will be followed in a critical, but constructive manner. PAN Germany offers a platform for the committed civil society in order to facilitate the trans-national exchange in view of biocide-related experiences, knowledge and alternatives. The network provides background information and joint recommendations for the interested public and decision makers in order to inform about approaches for minimising the use of biocides.

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