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Instead of a phase-out Glyphosate was approved for another 5 years in the EU!


On Monday, 27 November 2017, at the appeal committee of EU governments, a qualified majority of Member States voted in favour to the Commission's proposal to renew glyphosate authorisation for 5 years. Despite over a million of European Citizens asking to ban glyphosate, and the European Parliament proposing to phase-out its use in agriculture and place immediate bans for certain uses that result in higher risk, 18 Member States voted to keep this pesticide in the market for another 5 years.

Votes in favour: 18 Member states (BG, DE, CZ, DK, EE, IE, ES, LV, LT, HU, NL, PL, RO, SV, SK, FI, SE, UK)
Votes against: 9 Member states (BE, EL, FR, HR, IT, CY, LU, MT, AT)
Abstained: 1 Member state (PT)

Three Member States that had previously abstained (PL, BG, RO) because they considered the renewal period too short, now changed their position and voted in favour. Germany, who had also abstained, voted in favour without the consensus from the German ministry of environment. Germany's Social Democrat Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks clearly stated that the decision was taken without their agreement.

PAN Europe's Environmental Toxicologist, Angeliki Lysimachou stated: "Although this might seem an improvement compared to the original 15-year proposal, it does not address the concerns of Europeans and provides no guarantee that the general public and the environment will be protected from the harmful effects of this chemical. This decision reveals once again the sad truth that governments are more keen to protect the highly profitable pesticide industry than the health of their people and the environment."

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